TTT Summer Masters 2024
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Last day of 2024 TTT league matches to qualify for the Summer Masters is Friday May 24th. 
All the 8 top ranked players of each categories will qualify to play in the Summer Master.

Group matches Round Robin format:
2 groups of 4 players. 
Each player plays 3 matches. 
2 players in each group qualify for the semis.

The round robin matches are played between Saturday 1st June and Friday 14th June. The players can choose to play on any courts in Phuket and they have 14 days (between 1st and 14th June) to play their 3 matches. The court rental and balls are responsibility of each players during the Round Robin Matches.

Score format:
Singles Elite, A and B categories are played with normal advantage and super tiebreak to 10 points after 1 set all.
Singles League C, and Women league are played with no-advantage rule and super tiebreak to 10 points after 1 set all.
Doubles are played with no-advantage rule and super tiebreak to 10 points after 1 set all.

Semis and Finals 15th and 16th June At Siam Sport Pro Tennis Academy
The semis and finals are played in Siam Sport Pro (our host Partner) on Saturday 15th June ( semi-finals) and Sunday 16th June (finals). Court rental and Balls are included during the semis and finals.

Awards Ceremony Dinner At Siam Sport Pro Tennis Academy
On June 16th, following the finals, we cordially invite all players and their families to join us for a remarkable award ceremony dinner at Siam Sport Pro.  The award ceremony dinner is included in the Summer Master fee for each players

Players entrance fee:
1 Singles category: 1 500 THB per players
2 Singles categories: 2 000 THB per player*
1 Doubles Category 1 000 THB per players
1 Doubles category + 1 single category : 2 000 THB per players *

*For players interested in participating in two different categories, please note that while TTT will make every effort to schedule your matches in the semifinals and finals with a reasonable time gap between them to allow for recovery, we cannot guarantee it. There is a possibility that you may have limited time to recover between matches
* There will be no refund after confirming your participation unless TTT finds a replacement with next available player in the ranking. Dinner refund is not possible.

Above Summer masters fees Includes:
* Courts and balls during semis and finals
* Photos and Film of the tournament
* Awards Dinner for each players that participated in the Summer masters.
(Drinks not included and to be paid on site)
* Trophies and cash prizes

Important Notice:
Award dinner ceremony for non masters players must be booked in advance. Price is 500 THB per person.